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Throughout 2013 ­ 2015, she successfully underwent a complete refurbishment and modernisation.


She enjoyed an extensive interior and exterior restoration, hull renewal and reinforcement and a thorough overhaul of the original 1959 8 Cylinder 1375bhp Deutz engine.


The Albatros is registered to the British MCA and adheres to their strict certification and safety


Fully restored and refurbished to embrace modern nautical technology whilst preserving her own unique historic legacy. She provides towage services and pleasure cruises in both Europe and up to 150 miles from European borders.

Historical tugboat

The Albatros is a rare and historical British registered tugboat.

Pleasure Cruises

The Albatros is available for pleasure cruises and can be enjoyed for her entertainment space,

historic features or simply for her raw power across the waves

Pleasure seekers may use her for fishing or diving excursions, to explore open seas and coastal regions and to visit foreign shores.There is ample deck space for outdoor festivities to cater for up to 50 people.

Towage Services

The Albatros provides towage services throughout Europe, operating out of the Port of London.

She is available for a variety of towing undertakings such as conventional barges, vessels, containerised waste barges, structures, Crane barges, flat top barges and pontoons.

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